How to prepare for your session

Get your sleep - Help avoid bags under your eyes by getting several good nights of sleep. I know shooting with us is reason enough for excitement, but avoid all night parties and events 2-3 days before the shoot.


Iron your clothes - Plan ahead what outfit(s) you will be wearing, and make sure they are washed and ironed. Come to the photo session with ironed clothes on a hanger, NOT crammed into a duffle bag with your gym socks.

Casual or formal - Of course the look and feel of your session is all up to you. But for added variety in your project, bring several clothing changes. Include both formal, semi-formal, and casual items. Jeans and T's are great for a casual relaxed look. But mom and grandma usually want to see their senior looking pressed, dressed, and their very best.

The icing on the cake - Bring as many different accessories as you can. Jewelry, necklaces, scarves, hats, glasses...etc. These little touches often make the final image go from great to WOW!

Props - Are you in to tennis, music, art, or some other activity that defines who you are. Bring some props to the shoot. We will try to incorporate that into the session as well.

Walking advertisements - While everyone wants to look trendy and stylish today, you want to also look good in a year...or twenty. Avoid heavily branded items with HUGE logos that are hip and trendy today but may be seen as tacky or cheap in a few  short years.

Hygiene -
Brush and floss right before the shoot
Do NOT get a new hair do the day of the shoot. If you hate it, you'll hate your images for all time
Shave well before the session (this goes for both women and men)

Just for the ladies:
Less is more - don't over do the foundation makeup to cover skin blemishes. It's easier to correct a few acne marks or scars than it is to  make heavily applied makeup look natural.


It's all in the eyes - makeup should make your eyes "pop" and not sink back into your head. There are countless sites on the web to help if you're not sure. Otherwise, visit a salon before the shoot and let a pro help you. Also, I have makeup artists and hair stylists available at an extra cost.

The proper top
- Avoid tops with very short sleeves. These tend to make your upper arms look very large. It is best to wear long sleeves, or even something with no sleeves.


Does it fit - Avoid tops that hang too loose. These tend to add excess weight and take away from your natural shape. Even the trendy new sun dresses that are tight around your core, but flare out tend to make you look unshapely and unflattering. As much as possible, wear items that flatter your figure.

Necklines - Tops with a V-neck tend to make your upper body look longer and slimmer. This would include camisoles, tanks, and dresses. Turtle necks can also be shot well and can be quite flattering. But shirts like basic T's tend to make you look like your head is just sitting on top of your shoulders. Females look more elegant with more neckline showing, especially when accented by nice jewelry.

Does this make me look fat - Yes, stripes do have that affect in images. Stick with solid colors and avoid heavy patterns.

Just for the guys

PLEASE comb your hair
Shave well before the shoot. If you're into the five-o-clock shadow look, great. Just make sure you're trimmed up clean and neat.

Wash your clothes. And iron your shirts. Even T-shirts

LOVE your car or truck. Wash it up and bring it along. Let us know ahead of time, and we will scope out a great place to shoot with it.